Health and Welfare

  • Only cats that have an up-to-date vaccination certificate against Feline Panleukopenia (FPV) Feline Herpesvirus (FHV-1) and Feline Calicivirus (cat-flu, FCV) will be accepted. We also advise customers to have their cats inoculated against Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV). The certificate must be presented at the beginning of each visit. Injections to have been administered at least 14 days prior to arrival.
  • All cats must be worms and fleas free, if not they will need to be treated and the cost added to the final bill.
  • We reserve the right to obtain veterinary advice and subsequent treatment if we have concerns. We will administer prescription medication only with the authority of the owner.
  • Your cat(s) may be inspected on arrival and The Willow Cats Hotel has the right to refuse admission to any cat showing signs of ill-health pending the advice of veterinary surgeon.
  • No cat that is suffering from or is suspected of suffering from any infectious disease can be accepted. 
  • In the event of an emergency or if urgent veterinary care is required during your cat’s stay, we will endeavour to contact you or your named representative. However, if contact cannot be established within the necessary time scale, you consent to us arranging all necessary urgent treatment at your expense. 
  • Male cats are accepted only if neutered or they are under 6 months of age.
  • Cat collars are removed for safety reasons during the duration of their stay however if you are unhappy with this then collars are worn entirely at owners’ risk.
  • Grooming can be done daily as long your cat is happy for us to do so. You may wish to bring your own comb/brush.
  • Only cats from the same household can share the same pen.

Booking, Cancellations and Amendments

  • Fees: our fees are charged per single day booked, including arrival and departure.
  • To secure your space we ask a non-refundable £40 deposit in advance to be paid at the time of booking.

Bank details: Barclays plc

Account name: The Willow Cats Hotel

Account number 63260267

Sort-Code 20-68-15

  • 3 days minimum stay, except the following periods:
    Easter half term and between last week of July and throughout August where we require 5 days; between 23rd and 27th December the minimum period is 7 days.
  • The balance is payable on collection of your cat/s.
  • Payment by bank transfers, bank cards (except American Express), cash or cheques.
  • There is no reduction in fees if you bring your cat later than the agreed booking arrival date or collect earlier than the agreed booking departure date.
  • Cancellation Policy: If a booking is cancelled within 14 days notice you will be charged 50% of the total fee. If cancelled prior 7 days, or you don’t turn up at all, the full fee will be applicable.
  • Delays: We will always try to be flexible and helpful to any customer faced with travelling delays or other unforeseen circumstances. Should this occur, please contact us immediately so arrangements can be made.
  • Failed collection: If a cat has not been collected within 14 days of last booking date and no communication has been made with the owner or his/her the emergency contact, it may be passed to animal welfare rehoming agencies.
  • Whilst all possible care and attention will be taken, all cats are boarded entirely at their owner’s risk. The Willow Cats Hotel cannot be held liable for illness, injury, or death of any animal in their care.

The prices for the ‘rooms’ below are calculated per number of cats, belonging to the same family, sharing the same pen. Juniper, Oak, Yew, Poplar, Hazel and Holly are our spacious standard rooms that can host up to 3 cats (from the same household).

Lime, Rowan, Pine and Maple are our small rooms, but still comfortable for 2 cats. 

Additionally, should you prefer your cats having an extra-large space to roam, we offer:

DOUBLE = two small connected pens, up to 3 cats sharing

QUEEN = a small pen connected to a large pen, up to 3 cats sharing

KING = two connected standard pens, up to 4 cats sharing

All prices include bedding, cat litter, PREMIUM food* and lots of love and attentions!

You’re encouraged to bring your cat’s favourite toys and something that has a familiar scent to help settling down.

Fees are charged per single day booked, including arrival and departure, however, on the departure day,

For stays of 3 days or longer if the collection is made by 10am, the daily charge will be waived.

To secure your space we ask a non-refundable 20% deposit in advance to be paid at the time of the booking.

Delivery and collection are charged at £1.98 per return mile (based on GoogleMaps) paid in advance.

3 days minimum stay, except between 23rd and 27th December when minimum period is 7 days.

Long term residence cats are welcome. If needed, please call to discuss.


*Standard Premium food is: dry food throughout the day and 2 pouches of wet food a day.

Dry food offered is the following: Royal Canine, Hill’s Science Plan, Purina and Iams.

Wet food: Iams, Applaws, Encore, Seriously Good Bistro and any high premium equivalent food.

Should you have any particular requirements, please discuss it with us beforehand.

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