About The
Willow Cats Hotel

Animal Lovers

The hotel is owned by Benji the Boss, a shorthair black cat, InJa and her daughter who moved recently to Clevedon to live with InJa’s partner, Rob at the converted corn barn. They all love animals, having always owned cats, dogs and other furry friends!

Since an early age InJa would bring home stray animals to save and look after: from hedgehogs to birds, cats, dogs, tortoises… basically any animals she deemed in need of care!

In more recent years she started a course for veterinary nurse, but due to career pressure as a credit controller for a multinational company and being a mum for Benji, 2 (rescue) dogs, goldfish, (rescue) hamsters and her human daughter, she couldn’t pursue her dream, until spring 2017 when she decided that the time for a big career/life change was finally arrived!

Our Project

The cattery project was born by the need of finding an exceptional holiday resort for our Benji. Being so lucky to have the space needed for it at our own home, we decided to have a cattery that would satisfy us, the most demanding customers!

When you arrive at The Willow Cats Hotel you will be greeted by In Ja.

You will need to allocate a bit of time, as we’ll ask you to fill out couple of forms where we can get as much information about your cat(s) as possible.

Don’t forget you’ll also need to show that your friend has been vaccinated against Feline Enteritis and Influenza (ideally at least 14 days after primary vaccination and 2 days after booster), otherwise we will be unable to accept your moggies  (leukaemia vaccine is recommended, but not essential).

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