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Please tell us as much as you can about your cat to make his/her holiday as enjoyable as possible!
Since every cat is different, we want to make sure that he/she gets the love and attention he/she likes, as some cats love to be fussed, whilst others prefer to be left in peace.

    Is she/he used to Cat Flap? (please tick as appropriate)

    If your furry friends are staying with us 5 days or longer, we can provide you with their dairy. Please let us know if you would like to receive it and when created, we will send you the login details.

    Alternatively, we can send you some photos either by email or WhatsApp.

    If your cat is under medications or he/he suffers of any recurrent health issues, please provide us with the full details.

    Should your cat need injections, please remember to bring your sharps bin that it will returned to you at the end of your cat’s stay.

    Photo and Video Disclaimer

    The Willow Cats Hotel reserves the right to use any photograph/video taken during the stay of your cat with us, for publicity, general information and web contents purposes.

    To ensure the owner’s privacy images will not be identified using names or personal identifying information without the approval of the owner.

    If you do not wish images of your cat to be published, please notify us when booking.

    Enrichment and Exercise

    Since our goal is to ensure the wellbeing of your cat/s both physically and psychologically, we can let them roam outside their room (individually or with the same family’s members only), unless you advise us differently.

    Our aim is to meet the highest standard of hygiene throughout the premises however please note that The Willow Cats Hotel cannot be held liable for illness, injury or death of any animal in their care.

    I authorise the Willow Cats Hotel to let my cat exercising outside the pen, within the confinement of the cattery premises.

    Should you prefer your cat/s to be kept in the pen at all time, please tick here. Yes

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